Lido Island, Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy June, 2012
Overall Grade A

Lily pond behind the Murano glass museum. Murano glass blowing demonstration. Murano glass shop.

Lido Island Family Grades
Dad B - "I've seen better glass collections which were more impressive. A nice diversion for the family and a good excuse to come to Murano which is beautiful with a fun vaporetto ride. It has a nice garden in back with some water lilies that the kids are playing in and catching tadpoles. So a nice little diversion." Audio Clip

Toni (Mom) - A - "Very pretty. I was amazed at all the delicate pieces and the very interesting splicing of the glass and the molding together. It was good that I saw most of the pieces of glass was useable, it had a purpose but then there was one room which had a bunch of tchotchkes but they had them in glass cases so no one would have to dust them: each little tiny thing. That was what I kep thinking: "My goodness what would I have to do to dust all this." Overall it was nice to see how it progressed and how different people saw the way to use glass." Audio Clip

Sean (13 yrs) - B - "It was okay but it wasn't amazing." Audio Clip

Kyle (12 yrs) - A+ - "Because it looks really, really cool inside all the colorful glass and chandaliers. And I caught a couple tadpoles which was cool." Audio Clip

Emi (8 yrs) - A+ - "Because it's glass. It's amazing how they make it look like wood. In the pond we caught a couple of tadpoles." Audio Clip

Why Go

Murano Island is where Venetian glass is made. Supposedly, the glass blowing factories in Venice caused a city fire one too many times and were exiled to the island of Murano. There are three reasons to go to Murano: Venetian glass, escape the Venetian crowds, and the boat ride.

For venetian glass there are three options: the Murano glass museum,the glass factories and the stores. Unfortunately, the glass museum is average. The only thing the kids enjoyed was the little lily pond in the back garden. They had fun catching tad poles placing them on the lily pads and watching them wriggle back into the water. On the other hand, the glass blowing factory was a hit with the kids where they got to watch a glass blowing demonstration. But be warned, we went to Murano on a Saturday and only found one factory open. Also, bring your wallet as you'll be ushered into their showroom after the demonstration where prices range from $10 for pendants to $1,000s for large artistic pieces. I escaped fairly unscathed as Toni and Emi each only bought a pendant which they still cherish. Lastly, there are the shops which I think have more impressive displays than the museum.

Murano Island has much more breathing room than the city of Venice and is a good place to escape the crowds. After touring the museum and a simple lunch we found a little playground across the canal from the glass museum. Here's the short walk we took from the museum to the park, to the glass factory and past lots of shops. The walk ended at a vaporetto stop. Murano Walk

The highlight of visiting Murano for me was the boat ride to the island. If you take the route around the eastern part of Venice, the vaporetto takes you half way around the island of Venice, past the hospital with boat ambulances, across the lagoon to the cemetery island (conveniently near the hospital), and finally to Murano. We even had a little excitement on the ride back when a thunder storm with hail rolled up while we were in the middle of the lagoon.

Getting There

Several vaporetto lines serve Murano. The local transit authority has a good website with schedule details: ACTV Website


Visit Murano on a weekday, some of the tourist sites and shops were closed on Saturday.

Murano glass necklace souvenir.

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