Lido Island, Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy June, 2012
Overall Grade B

Emi on Lido beach. African baby on Lido. Toni on Lido beach.

Why Go

Lido Island is much more laid back and cheaper than the main island. We stayed on Lido to save some money on our hotel room which are very expensive in Venice. It is a only about a 10 minute vaporretto ride from San Marco square. Our hotel was in a quiet little town on the south end of the island called Malamocco. Only downside is that there is no beach at Malamocco only a seawall. I discovered this when I was determined to take a dip in the Adriatic and got directions to the ocean after shortly checking into the hotel. I dragged Sean with me on our walk through the quiet town only to find a seawall on which the locals had built wooden decks and piers to access the sea. I couldn't coax Sean into the water and he was the smarter one. I jumped in to find myself chest deep in a soup of seeweed. The proper beaches are on the south end and the main public beach is in the city center.

The center of the island is filled with shops and restaurants. It has a real beach feel. We enjoyed an evening stroll from the vaporretto station down the main street. The town had closed the street and bands were playing every several blocks. We ate in a restaurant which had porch strings as seats. Then we sampled gelato until everyone settled on their favorite flavors. The stroll ended at the public beach where the kids waded in the water.

Getting There

First, get to Venice. The only way to Lido is by boat. You can get a private water taxi which is very expensive or you can get a multi-day pass for the water buses which are called vaporettos. There is a main ticket booth at the pier in front of the train station. You can also get tickets at the tobacco shops.

From the train station you can take vaparetto 51 or from San Marco you can take taxis 1,2 or N. The public transportation site has a great interactive map to give you exact routes and timetables: ACTV Website. You'll also want to check this site before leaving to make sure routes have not changed and there isn't a planned one day strike. Apparently, strikes are fairly common since we arrived during one and there is another one schedule at the time of this writing. Even during a strike there will be some service to Lido, but on a limited schedule.


We weren't able to explore the entire island but here are a few nuggets of advice. The large public beach is in the center of the island. Stretches of the island don't even have a beach only a seawall, so check carefully if you want a hotel within walking distance of a beach. We mostly saw Italians on Lido, so you can't expect everyone to speak English.

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