Lido Island, Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy June, 2012
Overall Grade B+

Lido Island Family Grades
Brian (Dad) - B "A good museum. I wasn't overly impressed by the artwork but the armory and architecture were impressive."

Toni (Mom) - B+ "Definitely a great weapons collection. Fun for the boys. The tunnels and dungeons were cool. The courtyard was pretty."

Sean (13 yrs) - A - "Had an armory with a bunch of swords and guns, weapons and shields and guns and swords and stuff like that." Audio Clip

Kyle (12 yrs) - A - "There is a lot of swords and weaponry and armor. The prisons were nice, though not really they are prisons. If you're handicapped I don't think you will like it there are lots of steps. If you move fast and everyone else moves slow you're going to lose each other at least once or twice." Audio Clip

Emi (8 yrs) - A+ - "It was very, very interesting. It was really cool how they had that gun and sword put together." Audio Clip

Why Go

The boys were looking forward to the armory in the Doge's Palace and weren't disappointed. It is a large and impressive collection. It isn't often the boys are interested in a museum so this was a nice surprise. For me, the main attraction was the architecture of the palace. The large room where the rulers of Venice met is the highlight of the tour.

Getting There

The Doge's Palace is right on Saint Marcos Square. It is right across from the Campanile tower and the entrance is on the southern side facing the water. Google Maps


There is an elevator to the top floor of the palace for the handicapped. However, the armory can only be accessed with stairs.

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