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         Sliver of Fun in Silverton
         Silverton, CO (July 2009)
Overall Rating: B
Silverton-Durango Steam Train
    Silverton is a tourist trap which exists because it is at the end of the Durango & Silverton Railroad.  It is a pleasant enough old western town, just filled with over-priced restaurants and knick knack shops.  The kids only recalled two highlights:  playing on a gravel pile while I took pictures of the train and eating $12/lb chocolate fudge.

I'm sure the train ride into town is magnificent, and Silverton could entertain you for a day or so until you took the train back.  However, if you're driving through by car I recommend continuing north on Hwy 550, over the mountains and into Ouray.

-  Brian

Silverton Carriage

Can Skip It!
1) Silverton


Family Grades

Sean (10 yrs) - A - "It was fun to play on the gravel pile and see the train come out of the mountains."

Kyle (9 yrs) - B - "I liked playing on the gravel pile."

Emi (5 yrs) - A+ - "I liked how I saw the train."

Why Skip It
1)  This is a summer tourist town.  It is quaint and you can grab some lunch and wander the streets for a couple of hours, but that is about it.  Like all tourist traps, it is filled with over-priced restaurants and gift shops.  Town Website   Wikipedia

Getting There
I suppose the best way to get to Silverton is to take the famed Durango & Silverton Railroad.  However, by car it is in the southwest corner of Colorado on Hwy 550.  Map   
1)  If you're looking for a place to stay as you drive through this area, I recommend the next town over the mountains: Ouray.
2)  Silverton is only good for a couple of hours of entertainment, so if you have to kill a couple of days, I'd recommend heading into the mountains up Hwy 550.  County Road 14 will get you up into the middle of the peaks and is passable by most cars.

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