Trastevere Neighborhood, Rome
Rome, Italy June 2012
Overall Grade: A

Emi with Pinochio Saint Icons with Prayers Emi caged in alcove

Trastevere Family Grades

Brian (Dad) - A "A quite part of the city with lots of restaurants and shops."

Toni (Mom) - A "The best place to cool down is the churches. You can sit in the pew and admire the gilding and the statues. It is very nice but you must have a light scarf to cover your shoulders. They even had my daughter who is seven cover her shoulders. There are scarfs everywhere if you want a souvenir. I bought a scarf with the weighted jewels on the bottom and I really like it because it holds it in place; it doesn't fly off my shoulder. The food is very good. The pasta is always cooked to perfection. We tried the sea bass and it was very good. We did have the squash blossoms, they tasted like fried cheese but they were very good. I would rate it an A for wandering because there was a lot more shade than sun." Audio Clip

Sean (13 yrs) - B - "There are lots of food stands everywhere and the food we had was very good. It was interesting to walk around and it was shady most of the time."

Kyle (12 yrs) - A - "It was a good dinner. The zuchini flowers were good. The vanilla ice cream was great. We went walking to a little wooden toy store and Emi found a Pinochio. She's calling it Penniochio so it is a girl. We went to a bakery that had pastries and we got a canoli. The first canoli in Rome, Ahnakis?? and there were these little sculptures of chocolate. We looped back around and got on the bus. " Audio Clip

Emi (8 yrs) - A+ - "First off, I got Penniochio. The dinner we had was okay, but not good for me because there wasn't any Mac n' Cheese. I wish they had white sauce on the gnochi because it tastes like Mac n' Cheese like that but they had red sauce. The ice cream was delish. My favorite one is Tripoloso." Audio Clip

Why Go

The perfect place to do some souvenir shopping and enjoy a liesurely afternoon. It is definitely geared towards tourists but not crowded, cheap or overpriced like around the Trevi Fountain. The narrow streets are shady without cars and are perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Getting There

Start in the Piazza Sonnino and walk west towards the Piazza Di Santa Maria. Loop north from the Piazza Di Santa Maria to bring you back to your starting point. Here's a general route but the whole idea is to meander and explore on your own. Map


Head to Trastevere around 1 or 2PM to have a liesurely late lunch. Skip the dessert and instead grab some gelatto or other dessert from the stands along the way. You may want to head up to Giancolo Park once you're done to enjoy the cool evening breeze.

Make sure to bring plenty of coin for your shopping or you may be caught without canoli money:Canoli Money Video

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