Saint Peter's Cathedral, Rome
Rome, Italy June 2012
Overall Grade: A-

Family in St Peters Cathedral Arches in St Peters St Petes Cupola

Saint Peter's Cathedral Family Grades

Brian (Dad) - A+ "The church which defines all churches, all the more impressive when you realize everything was built by hand and without any steel."

Toni (Mom) - A+ "Saint Peter's was very beautiful as all the churches in Rome are. It is obvioulsy the largest of the churches. The most beautiful was the altar. The most beautiful piece was the dove with the light coming through it. Gave the most light coming through that one small piece of the dove at the altar than any other part of the church, and it made it really stand out. Everything was so detailed and much more than you could ever dream of." Audio Clip

Sean (13 yrs) - B+ - "It was really interesting to see the marble work." Audio Clip

Kyle (12 yrs) - B - "We didn't get to climb up the dome. It was really nice inside. It was really cool. " Audio Clip

Emi (8 yrs) - B+ - "The thing that was so good about it was first off, there were these cages that you could actually go in. And also I got a picture that made me look like I was in the cage........ Sorry that was the wrong church. I don't remember St. Peter's." Audio Clip

Why Go

It is simply the greatest church in the world. Video

Getting There

It is only a several blocks south from the Ottaviano metro stop. Map


The long security line which snakes around the perimeter of Saint Peter's square moves very quickly. Make sure not to bring any prohibited items such as, pocket knives. The front of the church and altar is closed when a mass is in session so you may want to research the best time to go to avoid mass.

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