Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Church
Rome, Italy June, 2012
Overall Grade A

Elephant Obelisk in front of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Church Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Ceiling

Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Family Grades
Toni (Mom) - A "This seemed to be one of the more welcoming churches. I liked the candles. It was not as crowded as most churches in Rome. It was comforting, calm and soothing even though it was very ornate."

Sean (13 yrs) - B - "I thought the church was interesting. The stonework with the curtainy things was really cool and I don't know, the real skulls were really awesome."

Kyle (12 yrs) - A - "They had a really nice little choir. They basically made curtains out of stone which was really cool, and there were really good carvings. There was a hat on a little baby, like statue babies and stuff."

Emi (8 yrs) - A - "It's cool how they have all those great choir singers which this how the notes go: AAAAAAAAA. You could barely know that it was people singing. It sounded like a record. It sounded like a CD, it was so good. But the person directing them was a little too strict. The ceiling was great. "

Why Go

One of the most beautiful churches we visited in Rome. The ceiling is deep blue with gold stars. If this church wasn't in the shadow of St. Peter's Cathedral it would be world famous. We were lucky enough to be there when the choir was practicing for an upcoming papal visit.Audio Clip Video Wikipedia

Getting There

We visited Santa Maria Sopra Minerva as we walked between the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain Google Maps. It is just southeast of the Pantheon, the closest metro stop is Barberini (the Trevi Fountain) which is a good 12 blocks away. The small van-like bus 116 or 116T will get you the closest. You'll know when you see it, by the elephant obelisk in the church's plaza or the Minerva Hotel. It is a good stop on a loop through the historic section of Rome including: The Spanish Steps, The Pantheon, Santa Maria, Trevi Fountain. Here is the path we took: (map of the walking tour).


Dress modestly on the days you plan to visit churches (covered shoulders, no shorts). Don't miss the tomb of Saint Catherine of Sienna which is at the foot of the main altar. It is a gorgeous tomb. Also, bring some Euro coins. There are coin operated vending machines to turn on the lights in some of the knaves.

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