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Why Go

The public transportation in Rome is very convenient and the best way for tourists to get around. Weekly passes are quite reasonable coming to a few dollars a day per person. They cover all buses and metros. The passes even cover the train to the mediterranean coast.

If you have some time to spare, you might want to take a bus round trip for a tour of the city. There are amazing things to see outside the window: Tennis Ball Video, Square Manhole Covers

Getting There

Make sure to bring a bus map with you as they can be tough to come by.


The metro map is pretty straight forward but the bus routes are pretty complicated. Also, it can be difficult to find a detailed bus map. Try to bring one with you. When possible, take the metro as they are faster and cooler. Passes must be stamped on your first ride. This will be done automatically when you enter the metro, but you must use the little stamping machines on the bus if your first ride is on a bus. Don't forget to savor the beauty of Rome as you walk to the metro stops.

We chose to take a taxi to and from the airport which we arranged in advance with the hotel. The price of 50 Euros was well worth it after/before the long trans-Atlantic flight. We did just take the metro to the train station for our train to Venice, and it wasn't too inconvenient with our roller bags.

The best advice is to bring someone along with a type A personality to take care of all the details:Coordinator Will Do It Video

Also, be prepared for tight quarters in the metro and bus during rush hour: Sardine Video.

Take the transportation when you can or you may end up with some very hot and tired kids.

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