Giancolo Park, Rome
Rome, Italy June 2012
Overall Grade: B

Giancolo Park Family Grades

Brian (Dad) - A+ "Tremendous views overlooking the city."

Toni (Mom) - A "The best park. It's not as big as the last park we visited with the fountains but this one is lined with trees and there is such a nice breeze. It has such a beautiful view and you can lay on the grass; it is manicured and green, not dirt. The tree lines streets are just beautiful." Audio Clip

Sean (13 yrs) - A - "It was cool."

Kyle (12 yrs) - A+ - "It's cold, relaxing and you can take a nap." Audio Clip

Emi (8 yrs) - A+ - "First off, the statues of the top of the people are amazzzzing. You can take off your shoes and also the view's great, all the breeze on this nice day. I could just fall asleep sitting up. " Audio Clip

Why Go

The perfect place to relax after a long day of site seeing. It is on top of ridge which runs along the western edge of the city which catches the breeze in the evening and has great views Giancolo Park View Video. We stumbled upon it by accident after taking the wrong bus. We didn't see any tourists and it isn't mentioned in any of the tour guides but it was filled with Italians enjoying the cool evening breeze. It is the perfect place for an evening stroll: Giancolo Walk Video

For the kids, there is the opportunity for unstructured play. There is also a small game arcade, snack trucks and a very violent Punch and Judy puppet show. There is not however, a playground but the kids didn't miss it.

Getting There

Take bus #115 to Piazzale Garibaldi. The bus runs over the high ridge from Trastevere to just south of the Vatican. The stop on the Vatican end is above the tunnel which runs through the ridge (Pr. A. Savoia Aosta), we wandered around for 10 minutes before we found it.


Go in the early evening to relax before a late dinner and enjoy the cool breeze. Sit on the grass and take a liesurely stroll along the Passeggiata Del Giancolo. There appears to be a nice park (Villa Abamelek) off the west edge of the same ridge, but we didn't have time to explore it.

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