The Pope's Angelus Prayer
Vatican, Italy June 2012
Overall Grade: B-

The Pope Family in Saint Peter's Square Saint Peter's Square

Pantheon Family Grades

Brian (Dad) - B+ "It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Pope, but he is very far away in a window. You couldn't even tell it was the Pope. Nice experience for the kids." Audio Clip

Toni (Mom) - A "Seeing the Pope was an opportunity of a lifetime. I felt very honored and privileged to be in his grace. Although I didn't understand a word he said it was very exciting to hear everyone cheer and to see so many people there to see the one person. He seemed to be very sincere in his words. I felt blessed." Audio Clip

Sean (13 yrs) - D - "It was the Pope so I can't give it an F, really. There was a ton of people yelling at the top of their lungs and it was hot, sweaty, you couldn't really see him well. The only reason you couuld hear him was because there were lots of speakers and amplifiers all over the place. " Audio Clip

Kyle (12 yrs) - B- - "I got to see the Pope which I wanted to do. The bad part was, it was really hot. There was no shade and the other bad part is that Dad, me and Sean wanted to climb to the top of St. Peter's Dome but we didn't have time so I was mad and all that. It was a good time, we got to see the Pope. We got some pictures. It was great." Audio Clip

Emi (8 yrs) - B - "First off, it was hot. Second off, I didn't even know what he was saying because he didn't do it in English at all but he spoke in lots of other languages. He did a couple little pieces in English. It was very hard to see him because he was in this small little window and there's this cloth so we could barely see him. " Audio Clip

Why Go

Seeing the Pope is a once in a lifetime experience and a truly Roman thing to do. The setting is magnificient in St. Peter's Square. The prayer is beautiful in Latin, and the Pope delivers a message of welcome and peace in all the major languages to the crowd below.

Getting There

Go to the Vatican, St. Peter's Square is the large piazza in front of St. Peter's Cathedral which is surrounded by a large columnade. If you are facing the cathedral, the Pope will deliver the prayer from his apartment in the multistory building to the right. The window will be marked by a red flag.


The Pope delivers the Angelus Prayer every Sunday at noon in St. Peter's Square, except for July and August when he delivers the prayer from his summer home. You'll need a telephoto lens or binoculaurs to see the Pope clearly since he stands quite a distance away from the square. You don't need to arrive early since on any regular Sunday there will be plenty of standing room in the large square. I'd recommend bringing some water in the summer.

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