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         Dan Nicholas Park
         Salisbury, NC (February 2011)
Overall Rating: A
Kyle in Web
    Dan Nicholas Park is the best park in the Charlotte area, unfortunately it's all the way up in Salisbury, NC.  This is a great and inexpensive way for a family to spend the day together.  This park has lots of activities priced for just a few dollars: miniature golf, paddle boats, petting zoo, zoo, train ride, carousel and gem mine.  There are also lots of free activities: nature center, playground, hiking, splash park and feeding the ducks.

We usually take 2-3 trips a year to this park.  Our last trip was on a warm February day.  For this trip we brought grandparents and a picnic lunch.  Kyle also brought his Razor scooter which resulted in screaming fits of "Kyle won't share his scooter!  It's my turn!"

After lunch the kids took to the playground and made some new friends.  A quick round of miniature golf ...well not so quick since Emi's average score per hole was about a 22.  There was a grand battle for first place between me and Pop Pop which ended in a tie when Pop Pop holed out the 18th.   

The kid's favorite part was the snack bar but they also enjoyed the zoo.  A good portion of the snacks ended up feeding the ducks.  Of course, I enjoyed spending the day with the family for only about $30.
-  Brian


Gotta Go!
1) Dan Nicholas Park


Family Grades
Toni (Mom) - A -  "A place I'd like to visit more often.  You can eat, chill and the kids have a good time."

Sean (12 yrs) - A - "It was just fun all around.  The spider thing was really cool."

Kyle (10 yrs) - B+- - "I liked the put-put course and I liked how we fed the ducks.  And also, I liked the big net thing I got to crawl in."

Emi (6 yrs) - A+ - "I liked how we saw the animals, how we did put-put.  The exciting thing was I got a hole-in-one on put-put.  I liked how I was being brave on the monkey bar thing."

Dan Nicholas Park
Dan Nicholas Park
Why Go
1)  Lots of inexpensive activities: minitiature golf, playground, splash park, train ride, zoo, nature center, petting zoo, paddle boats, carousel and gem mine.
2)  Take a walk around the lake.
Getting There
Dan Nicholas Park is in Salisbury, NC which is 40 miles north of Charlotte I-85.  The address is: 6800 Bringle Ferry Rd, Salisbury, NC. Map  Website
1)  This is pretty far from Charlotte and the snack bar doesn't serve significant food so pack something to eat.  There are a lot of fast food places at the exit when you get off I-85.
2)  The activities are pretty inexpensive around $2-$4.

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