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                   Fish n Chips
                              Morrow Moutain State Park (September 2010)
                             Overall Rating: C     1 hour east of Charlotte
    For thousands of years the indians of the East Coast valued the arrowheads and spear points made from the stone of the Morrow Mountain quarry.  Stone implements from Morrow Mountain have been found from Maine to Florida.  However, unless you're in the market for a high quality arrowhead this state park has little to offer than fishing and stone chips.

There are a few views from the top of Morrow Mountain, the trails have little of interest and two hours of fishing yielded only two tiny bluegills.  Overall, it is worth the drive in order to get the family outside for an afternoon but don't go with high expectations.
- Brian



Kron House

Family Grades
Toni (Mom) - C - "It was good to be out in nature.  I was surprised at the number of people hiking, but without a boat there isn't much to do."

(11 yrs) - B - "It was really cool that it had that giant tree knocked down into the water that you could walk on."

Kyle (10 yrs) - A - "It is really nice at there and you have a great view of the river.  You'll see birds, squirrells and fish everywhere."

Emi (6 yrs) - A - "It was super fun because I had a little stand for my fishing rod."

Morrow Mountain, Kron House, Lake Tillery

Morrow Mountain
Why Go
1)  Get the kids away from the T.V.
Getting There
Morrow Mountain is located about 30 miles east of Charlotte and will take about an hour to drive as you must slow down through several towns.  Just take Albemarle Rd (Hwy 24) east and eventually veer left onto Hwy 740 N for a few miles and follow the signs.  Google Maps  
1)  The only interesting thing about the loop trail is the extent of the quarry debris the indians were able to produce by chipping away at rock with rock.  The whole mountainside is just stone chips.  I did not see any arrowheads and removing artifacts is prohibited.
2)  There are picnic tables and a restroom at the top of the mountain a few vistas poke through the trees.
Kron House
Why Go
The replica cabins did not impress the kids, or the adults much either.  The only interesting thing were the historical signs explaining the life of Dr. Kron.  He was quite a horticulturist with a greenhouse in 1820 from which he produced oranges and pineapple in the winter!  Unfortunately, none of his gardens or orchards remain..
Getting There
1)  There is a sign on the main road through the park for the Kron House.  You can also get a map of the park at the park office.  It is only a 50 meter walk from the parking lot to the house.
1)  The houses are not open and there are signs warning not to approach too closely as apparently bees and hornets like making nests in them.
Lake Tillery
Why Go
Boating and fishing.  The only swimming at Morrow Mountain State Park is at the public swimming pool.  In fact, there are numerous signs warning not to wade or swim in the water.  We didn't have too much luck fishing, landed some really small bluegills.  We were fishing with worms hoping to catch some bluegills for the kids.  There is a boathouse which rents canoes and rowboats but it was closed for 2010 and won't re-open until 2011.
Getting There
Just keep following the main road through the park and you will end up at the lake.
1) We found a public park to swim in Badin Lake (it is adjacent to Lake Tillery) just north of Badin on Hwy 740.  It was pretty depressing looking so I can't recommend it.
2)  Bait can be found at the Citgo gas station in the middle of Badin on Hwy 740.  There were no other bait shops on the road into the state park.
3) A trail heads north from the main parking lot along the shore of the lake.  Did not see much of interest.

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