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Brian Profile Dad - The planner and photographer, he's fighting a losing battle against becoming Clark Griswold.  Born a Connecticut Yankee he was swept off his feet by a southern belle and has settled permanently in the South.  Family vacations are his opportunity to escape the cubicle caverns of corporate America.
Mom - She's the fighter who's the source of the family's fun and joy despite a life which rivals Job's.  She grew up poor in Alabama, was abandoned by her father and stepfather, was permanently disabled in a car wreck at eighteen and is most recently  fighting breast cancer.  Despite all her hardships she's an incredibly loving and caring person who views the world with amazement and wonder.
Sean Profile
Sean - This is the last time we saw Sean as he jumped into the Grand Canyon to save his Nintendo DS.  It's hard to tell if Sean enjoys travelling,  he's happy anywhere he can bring his video games and Pokemon cards.  Though a day on the Santa Monica Pier earned, "That was the best day of my life!"
Kyle - The middle child, he's very caring and outgoing.  He'll give you the shirt off his back or spend two years growing his hair for Locks of Love.

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Emi - She likes chocolate, baby dolls and anything pink.  She's a girlie girl who can hold her own against her older brothers with her Tae Kwon Do training.